I Choose the Journey of the Warrior

Why choose the journey of the warrior  

Though better days seem never to come  

Where light meets dark  

in the spaces in between 

When what was thought to be holy  

Now shambles steeped in decay 

What was once seen as truth 

Is known as lies, a web unraveled 

Who we thought we were meant to be 

A life that’s been scattered on the winds of time  


Ruins laid bare on a battlefield in defeat  

A war she never wanted to fight  

A road he never thought he’d take 

Lungs that screamed a rallying cry  

Struggle for breaths that comes in shallow  

A heart that marched with pride 

Now limps to a different beat  

Wounds that that threaten and fester  

Death seems an old friend  

A welcomed reprieve  


It calls to me as it always has 

But louder and with greater urgency  

Come home my child, come home   

We’ve been waiting for so long  

It longs to wrap me in it’s warm embrace   

It pulls me in gently a lullaby on her lips 

The pain can finally see it’s end   

Paradise awaits to set you free  

Step into the light and have no fear  

Just release it all, just let it go  


Clarity snaps me out of this dream I’m in  

I’m not afraid of the end or the other side of the veil  

I know that place is our peaceful home  

The transition seems the most natural thing in all the world  

The rebirth of a soul to the place it belongs  

No I’m not afraid to take that step  

I stay not for me but for the others  

The younger souls who’ve yet to awaken  

The souls too weak, too beaten back  

The ones locked away in need of rescue 


For though I am tired I am strong  

My eyes are open, I can see beyond the veil 

I may not recall, but I now know I chose this mission 

A call to action from the earth was cried out 

Fear threatens to kill all things in its path   

It breeds like termites, destruction it’s goal  

The symptoms are evident in all that is evil  

Hate, greed, pride, and indifference  

The solution is love, radical love  

“For perfect love casts out fear” 


I answered the call as we all must do   

Shine a light into all that is dark  

Right what has been turned upside down  

Heal all which was broken apart  

Every act of good causes a ripple  

A small deed can last for generations  

An act created of purest love  

Contains the power to alter all of history   

There is a spark of magic in each and every soul  

All you need is love to ignite the flame 



Awaken my heart, awaken 

The time is now, the hour is here 

Waste not a single moment more 

Rise up in strength and be bold 


You alone know what you must do 

Claim the truth you hold inside  

The power within is tremendous 

Let not the darkness steal your light 


Safety lies in a leap of faith  

The world around you seeks to deceive  

Whispers designed to keep you “in line” 

Hold you down in a life not meant for you 


Manifest that which you need and desire  

Stand your ground, claim what is rightfully yours 

Justice and truth shall always prevail  

All one must do is simply believe 


Believe in the power that is yours to weld 

Hold tight to what you know is true 

You are what you have been waiting for 

You are the hero that you need  

All you have to do is wake up.  

People Always Leave

People always leave that’s the tale I’ve always known  

Even if love tries to reigns supreme, roads always seem to diverge in time 

I tell myself it’s all alright, get up and dust off the pain of another loss 

But still I would build another wall, the mortar laced with anxiety  

In every new beginning, just waiting for the end  

If I care about anyone it’s assured that pain will visit  

Expectations breed disappointments and so I just stopped believing  

Yet underneath it all, at the end of the day  

All I really want is someone to stay  

Not because I hold on to them or out of obligation  

But simply because they are compelled to do so  

Moved by some force no one can truly name  

“I’m not going anywhere” , a promise I long to hear  

Yet I begin to believe it to be impossible  

I’d stand here naked… if I thought it would help 

When I look back in time, reflect upon days gone by 

One thing still stands out from all of the rest 

All I ever really wanted was to be seen 

No, I don’t mean looked at, (though at times that’s something I crave) 

Seen, as in known and loved and understood 

Something like nirvana, an unobtainable goal, yet still I seek it 

At this moment there are more than 7 billion people on this earth 

7 billion people, 7 billion souls, on a mission all their own 

Is anyone out there like me? Searching for someone like me 

I am desperate for connection, it consumes me completely 

There are 7 billion souls, so why does it seem that I can’t even find one 

Just one person whose world collides with mine 

Though we are falling there is no fear 

Surrounded, protected, fully loved 

Authentic and vulnerable, trusting 

I am your person, and you are mine.  

There isn’t a word for how much I already love you 

I constantly wonder, have we passed like shadows on the street? 

Are you a world away longing for me the way I long for you? 

Or what if you are in my life but I’m too blinded by idealism that I’ve passed you by? 

The reality probably is that you simply don’t exist… 

I’ve read too many books and the man that I long for is but a figment of my imagination. 

What if this feeling of loneliness is something I’m meant to live with forever  

No such things as true love or soul mates or even perfect for me 

With that thought fear creeps into my heart…  

If I don’t snuff it out now, it threatens to consume my soul  

Like termites eating away at all that which is good and true  

All that’s left in its place is darkness, terrible and alone.  

I am stronger than the fear…  

If this is my journey than I will walk in it and find purpose alone  

There is power to be found in being alone and surrendering to the loneliness 

Where there is love it always finds a vessel  

Something or someone to channel towards 

There is great love within me and it will find a home  

There is also power in never loosing hope 

So, I’ll never stop searching for you 

Can I manifest you, dream you into existence, into my life? 

Cast a spell, conjure a way for our paths to intersect.  

I don’t need the perfect man, there isn’t one 

I imagine him to be tall, dark hair, something like a Viking  

But perhaps he’s short and blond, the knight of my heart 

Can we just be two imperfect people, diving into life and love 

Holding space in the corner of the ring for the fight of our lives 

Heart to heart, creating our own little miniverse  

Adventures down the rabbit hole, or through a blue box 

Flowers in the vegetable garden, goats on the lawn 

Sharing playlists, laughing, and telling our truth and the stories of our youth 

Dancing in the grass to music only we hear 

Barefoot dinner parties with those we love 

Conversations late into the night about the divine and ethics 

Marches against injustice and challenging each other to be better 

Feral babies nurtured to be love warriors  

Let’s do this our way, whatever that means 

No expectations or cherished outcomes…. just love 

Loving friends, pets, children, the world and each other 

Growing old together in rocking chairs on the porch 

Watching grandchildren play on cool summer nights  

A life spent painting a masterpiece to our love  

A picture far from perfect but an unmovable frame  

Rough edges and imperfections tell the story of the home we made 

Plenty of tears but free of tears, built on a solid foundation 

My lover and my friend 

This is the picture that I ache to create 

Where is the one that my soul loves? 

I call you to my heart, call your love to me.  

Across the winds, over the earth,  

Forged in the fire and baptized in rain  

Two whole people come together  

Weird jagged pieces that fit to reveal a bigger picture 

Maiden, Mother, Crone 

Father, Son, Holy Spirit 

North, South, East, West 

Let all of creation join in a chorus that moves us together 

I call upon the goddess, mother of us all 

Work your magic, divine a path to join two hearts 


Canary’s Song 

“Coal mining is the most dangerous work in our land today 
With plenty of dirty slaving work, and very little pay. 
Coal miner, won’t you wake up, and open your eyes and see 
What the dirty capitalist system is doing to you and me.” 

Sarah Ogan Gunning

Back in many a day gone by, with shovels and picks in hand

The men went down into the dark below to mine for coal all day.

They knew the risk was high and there was very little reward.

But a dollar was a dollar and they needed some way to feed and clothe their babes.

As they descended down deep into the earth

They brought with them a pet to safeguard their work

The yellow canary, a sentinel creature singing merrily along

Unknowing of the danger to which she might befall.

When the canary sings the air is safe

These sensitive little birds know better than we

When the air grows toxic and death stands at the door.

So you’d do well to listen for when they sing no more.

I am a canary did you hear my song?

I sang to you with an open heart

Eyes wide at a world so fresh and new.

My lungs full and my voice strong.

Then you took me into the darkness

And bade me still to sing.

I told you that each note burned inside my throat

You told me I was too sensitive, that the air was clear and good

Even now as the smoke and dust fill my lungs you still say that all is well

The culture is concerned with only that which is “on fleek”.

Fear and suspicion lurk around every bend

Power, privilege, piety, and prejudice surround on all sides, the gods we now praise.

I can no longer sing (cough), I can hardly speak (cough)

We are, all of us dying. Even if you can’t see it, it is no less real.

Hope lives on the next horizon, if only you listen to hear our truth.

Open your eyes, though they bleed. For they can be washed and healed.

Just like the canary whose song was silenced, a sacrifice for the lives of men

There will come those into your life who challenge what you know to be true

Have courage and be kind, knowing that they mean you no harm.

In fact, they may be dying to give you a chance to live.

Racism, bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, islamophobia, and every other inequality

Strangles the future, puts our children in bonds too heavy for the soul to bear.

Mother Earth cries out in pain, her tears are hurricanes and her heart is a famine where once there was a lush green paradise.

Listen to the sensitive ones, they warn of the danger you cannot yet feel.

Open your hearts and lay down your arms

Take a seat around the table, share your stories and fill up your cup

Live to fight another day, but do it side by side

Know the enemy is fear and ignorance, not your common man.

I am a canary; can you hear my song?


My my newest poem. Hope you like it and that it speaks to you.