I Choose the Journey of the Warrior

Why choose the journey of the warrior  

Though better days seem never to come  

Where light meets dark  

in the spaces in between 

When what was thought to be holy  

Now shambles steeped in decay 

What was once seen as truth 

Is known as lies, a web unraveled 

Who we thought we were meant to be 

A life that’s been scattered on the winds of time  


Ruins laid bare on a battlefield in defeat  

A war she never wanted to fight  

A road he never thought he’d take 

Lungs that screamed a rallying cry  

Struggle for breaths that comes in shallow  

A heart that marched with pride 

Now limps to a different beat  

Wounds that that threaten and fester  

Death seems an old friend  

A welcomed reprieve  


It calls to me as it always has 

But louder and with greater urgency  

Come home my child, come home   

We’ve been waiting for so long  

It longs to wrap me in it’s warm embrace   

It pulls me in gently a lullaby on her lips 

The pain can finally see it’s end   

Paradise awaits to set you free  

Step into the light and have no fear  

Just release it all, just let it go  


Clarity snaps me out of this dream I’m in  

I’m not afraid of the end or the other side of the veil  

I know that place is our peaceful home  

The transition seems the most natural thing in all the world  

The rebirth of a soul to the place it belongs  

No I’m not afraid to take that step  

I stay not for me but for the others  

The younger souls who’ve yet to awaken  

The souls too weak, too beaten back  

The ones locked away in need of rescue 


For though I am tired I am strong  

My eyes are open, I can see beyond the veil 

I may not recall, but I now know I chose this mission 

A call to action from the earth was cried out 

Fear threatens to kill all things in its path   

It breeds like termites, destruction it’s goal  

The symptoms are evident in all that is evil  

Hate, greed, pride, and indifference  

The solution is love, radical love  

“For perfect love casts out fear” 


I answered the call as we all must do   

Shine a light into all that is dark  

Right what has been turned upside down  

Heal all which was broken apart  

Every act of good causes a ripple  

A small deed can last for generations  

An act created of purest love  

Contains the power to alter all of history   

There is a spark of magic in each and every soul  

All you need is love to ignite the flame 


Surrender Your Mask

“Come to me, all you who labor and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30


   This Scripture has always been one of my favorites and a wonderful reminder to me to take all the worry and stress in my life to the Lord and that he will carry me though whatever struggles life brings me into. However upon further study something suddenly popped out to me that I have never seen before.


                          “Take my yoke upon you”


   All of the sudden I get this and it stands out as this bright beacon of hope, that makes this passage mean more to me that it ever has before (and that is saying something). God is taking all of my worries and everything that weighs me down, and he gives me his burden to bear. But what is this burden and how can a burden be light?

   I believe that the burden consists very simply of seeing people find salvation through Christ and showing them the abundance of his mercy and grace. I also believe that this burden presents to each and every person in a completely unique and individual way. Christ takes the burden that we used to bear and uses that to show us the people that he needs us to reach.

  All the pain we’ve ever gone though, all the bad decisions that we have made, God desires to take from us and turn into a beautiful testimony of healing. This is a wonderful thing, because there are people who won’t accept truth from unless you have been in that situation. Being able to share a common pain is one of the best ways to lead people to finding their identity in Christ.

   The world doesn’t need a bunch of people wearing masks, masquerading around like we have no hurt. Surrender your burdens to God and let him give you his, for the hurting people in the world, and that will heal you even more.