Awaken my heart, awaken 

The time is now, the hour is here 

Waste not a single moment more 

Rise up in strength and be bold 


You alone know what you must do 

Claim the truth you hold inside  

The power within is tremendous 

Let not the darkness steal your light 


Safety lies in a leap of faith  

The world around you seeks to deceive  

Whispers designed to keep you “in line” 

Hold you down in a life not meant for you 


Manifest that which you need and desire  

Stand your ground, claim what is rightfully yours 

Justice and truth shall always prevail  

All one must do is simply believe 


Believe in the power that is yours to weld 

Hold tight to what you know is true 

You are what you have been waiting for 

You are the hero that you need  

All you have to do is wake up.  


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